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Flooring Contractors in Malden, Massachusetts

The dream of beautiful floors that line your home in style is made a reality with Artisan & Son Hardwood Flooring. Our Malden, Massachusetts, flooring contractors are skilled in difficult restorations, including hardwood floor refinishing, sanding, and repairs for historical buildings as well as modern homes.
Wood Floors, Flooring Contractors in Malden, MA
Our Difference Is Quality
• Floor Dustless Sanding & Refinishing
• New Wood Floor Installation
• Floor Buffing & Resurfacing
• Hardwood Floor Stains & Finishes
• Flooring Inlays & Borders
• Standard Hardwood Floor Squares
• Hardwood Parquets & Patterns
Our Difference Is Quality
Artisan & Son Hardwood Flooring not only relies on tradition and experience, but also on advancements in technology. We use the newest products and techniques to constantly improve quality in order to best serve you.
Our mission is to provide a guarantee of the highest quality, affirming confidence in our work for your peace of mind. Discover the difference in our exceptional craftsmanship, specialty products, and guaranteed quality by scheduling your service today. References are available upon request.
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